How can expectations affect our reception of God?

Jesus Ministry Begins, Chapter 23 Thursday November 12, 2015 at Triple Tree 7:00 PM
Back in Genesis, the devil tested Eve’s obedience to God by telling her the forbidden fruit wasn’t fatal, but would make her like God. Thinking God denied her something beneficial—something good to eat, exalting to have, and pleasing to behold—she stretched out her hand, wrapped fingers around the focus of her desire, tugged, and ate.
In the desert, the Israelites too faced tests. Like Eve, they doubted God’s intentions for them were good. They despised the manna God fed them; disregarded his promise of grapes, figs, milk, and honey to come; and wailed for Egypt’s leeks and garlic—thus giving in to the temptation to satisfy their physical hunger rather than obey God’s word. When thirsty, they did not turn to the God who had met their needs supernaturally time and again, but rebelled and tested God, asking, “Is the Lord among us or not?” They gave in to bowing to a golden calf and to the Baal of Peor with its seductive women offering sexual pleasures, thus forgetting their promise to worship God alone.